Thursday, December 1 2022

A 16-year-old is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg after police say gunfire broke out at a birthday party in St. Paul on Saturday night.

St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders said multiple people fired into a crowded unofficial event center at 570 North Snelling Avenue around 9:30 p.m.

An official with the Zany’s business listed at that address said in a Sunday morning phone interview that “kids were gathering to get on a party bus” while waiting at the event space for refreshments. The principal, who said his name was James and declined to give his surname, said some children were trying to bring weapons to the party.

Linders said private security was working on the party and turning away anyone who tried to bring weapons inside. A person with a gun was pushed out of the entrance and Linders said at that time he started shooting inside the center of the event.

The teenager was shot in the leg. Linders said a second person outside also began shooting at the center of the event, where police had recovered a dozen used shell casings.

“It’s amazing that more people haven’t been hit by gunfire,” Linders said.

A crowd of around 100 people was outside the center of the event when police arrived. Police said some started fighting and others intervened when police tried to find the victim inside, who was taken to the regional hospital and is expected to survive.

No arrests have been made and the shooting is still under investigation.


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