Wednesday, November 24 2021

AFK Arena just launched a new gift redemption code for its players to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival holiday – here’s the code, where to use it and its time limit.

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Komi can not communicate | Main trailer | Anime netflix



Komi can not communicate | Main trailer | Anime netflix





AFK Arena Promo code and rewards for the mid-autumn festival of September 2021

g594b6vpjk is your code, officially shared via the AFK Arena Twitter account. The code will be valid until September 24, 2021 at midnight UTC. Which corresponds to Thursday, September 23 at 8 p.m. EST. Click here for conversions to other time zones and a countdown timer.

According to AFK Arena Japanese Twitter account, the rewards for this new redemption code are: 10 Gacha Tickets, 6000 Guild Coins, 6000 Gold Coins, 6000 Hero Coins.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated this year on September 21, is a recurring event that can be seen in gacha games today. See most of them are developed by Chinese developers. Note that it is also sometimes featured in Japanese games, with the Autumn Equinox Day celebrated this year on September 23, 2021.

How to use your codes

You can redeem codes by accessing the AFK Arena global version site on Lilith’s server here. Next, you will need your UID and verification code. You can find your verification code in the game. After logging in, in the home menu, click on your avatar at the top left, then go to settings, then go to the verification code at the bottom of the menu.

AFK Arena is a Chinese JRPG gacha published by Lilith Games. Based in Shanghai, the company is one of the largest Chinese developers and publishers outside of Tencent. AFK Arena was first launched on mobile in 2019. Note that Lilith Games has absolutely no relationship with the Japanese company eroge LiLith who is behind the Taimanin series.

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