Friday, September 23 2022

The indie hit Among Us doesn’t seem like the basis for a good fighting game, but one fan gave it a go – and the result is great.

Among Us Arena, from the creator of the starcutter game, is a 2D fighting game featuring the characters from the original, but many fans of mechanical fighting games will find it familiar. The video below, from YouTuber Cookietriangle, gives a good idea of ​​what it is:

The combo system seems to have a decent amount. There are crossovers, overhead dashes, and even floor and wall bounces, as well as Among Us’s knife and pistol attacks to splice into your ropes. The video below, from the fighting game combo enthusiast HiFight, is a pretty cool day one effort:

Among Us Arena was only released on Friday, but it already has a decent following, with online play currently being the main focus. There was even a tournament! The Discord is full of people discussing how to expand the gameplay, with suggestions for unique playstyles and movement sets for each character (at the moment every character is the same except for their color) . Starcutter is also looking for ideas for taunts.

Matchmaking is a bit fluffy and online play can suffer from lag, but as a fan-made game Among Us Arena works pretty well, and at a basic level it’s a lot of fun.


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