Friday, October 7 2022

IHRAM.CO.ID, BARRIE — The mosque in Barrie, Canada, is preparing free meals for everyone who attends the annual barbecue, which is the mosque’s regular event. In addition to free meals, the mosque also hosts many other activities such as markets and children’s playgrounds.

In addition, the committee also invited the fire department to present the equipment used by the officials. The firefighters distributed gifts to the children on this occasion.

Masjid Chairman Yusuf Haroon said around 500 local families participated in the activity. He said that this event was very important for people to get to know each other and encourage interreligious dialogue.

“We are open to everyone. We have just finished building a mosque where we will have a large information center where anyone can ask questions about us. We invite firefighters Barry, the police and the mayor. The fire and police have been a very supportive team for us at this point,” Aaron said.

A nice surprise for the event organizers was that Domino’s Pizza was giving away a free pizza. “They won’t take a penny and say we’ll provide as much as they want. It means a lot to us,” Aaron said.

The mosque has been on Ferris Lane since 2004 after moving from its original location on Little Lake Drive where it started in 1977. Aaron says the old space has become inadequate due to community development. It has long been a dream of the congregation to have a very large space that can meet the needs of the community. A major facility expansion has been added and most of the construction is now complete.


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