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South Bend, Indiana, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — cloud service provider (HC) announced that it now offers Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (DCIAaS) based on VMware ESXi, Proxmox and Linux Containers (LXC) virtualization technologies. DCIaaS can be used by any organization for the deployment of bespoke, standards-based private, public, or hybrid technology infrastructures.

The cloud service provider provides self-managed and fully managed DCIAaS from data centers located in 17 major metropolitan markets across the US, Canada and UK – Ashburn, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Bend, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Ill.; Dallas, TX; Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Los Angeles and Santa Clara, California; Miami, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; New York, NY; Seattle, Washington; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia and London, United Kingdom.

HostColor’s dedicated cloud infrastructure services have fixed monthly costs that do not increase with resource usage. Cloud IaaS users pay a fixed monthly fee for a certain amount of dedicated computing resources – processor (CPU), memory (RAM) and data storage (SSD, NMVe or HDD) and a specific bandwidth quota on a 1- gigabit or 10 gigabit Internet Port. The cloud service provider does not charge customers for DNS zones, DNS queries, or for each 1GB data transfer. Unlike services offered by so-called “Major Clouds”, public or private cloud IaaS services HostColor dedicated phones come with free infrastructure support.

“We save a huge amount of money on data transfer, IT resource usage and technical support for SMBs that choose to use HostColor’s dedicated cloud services, instead of IaaS on one of the so -called “major clouds”.HC’s DCIaaS has quite a large and clearly defined bandwidth quota, instead of charging them for each GB data transfer. If an organization needs to use 80TB data transfer per months, for example, HostColor saves him eight thousand dollars a year on average for data transfer, DNS records, DNS queries and technical support”, says Dimitar Avramov, co-founder and CEO of HostColor. He adds that “bandwidth” is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time, while “data transfer” is the actual amount of data transferred.

HostColor’s Public and Private Dedicated Cloud services start with a guaranteed bandwidth quota of 100 Mbps or 250 Mbps, depending on the location of the data center. The company’s DCIaaS customers, connected to a 1 Gbps Internet port, which use a bandwidth quota of 250 Mbps, can transfer 80 TB of data per month. If they choose to use a full 1 gigabit bandwidth port, they can push data transfer to 324TB per month. Those with a dedicated cloud connected to a 10 gigabit internet port with a 2 Gbps bandwidth quota can transfer 648 TB of data over a 30 day period.

HostColor recently announced the availability of New York Dedicated Server hosting services connected to 10 gigabit Internet ports. They are delivered from data centers – Teleport, Staten Island and DataBank, New Jersey. 10 Gigabit server plans start with a 2 Gbps bandwidth allocation and can be scaled up to a full 10 GbE internet connection.

According to business information firm IDC, “Dedicated cloud infrastructure as a service (DCIaaS) solutions provide dedicated compute and/or storage resources to an individual customer that are deployed on the customer’s premises and consumed in as a service”. IDC explains that “its model is essentially a dedicated version of a publicly available cloud offering, modified to operate on-premises or in a specially certified colocation environment.” The market information company also explains that cloud service providers retain full ownership of all underlying infrastructure hardware and software and are fully responsible for the delivery, maintenance, updating and the final disposal of the asset when the subscription is terminated.

About has been a global provider of IT infrastructure and web hosting services since 2000. The company has its own virtual data centers, dedicated server provisioning capacity and colocation services in 50 data centers. data in the world. Its subsidiary operates a cloud infrastructure and provides dedicated hosting services in 19 European countries.

Media contact: Dimitar Avramov

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