Thursday, December 1 2022

Major events in the city of Geneva a concern

We are fortunate to have many excellent wineries, breweries and cider houses in the Finger Lakes. New York State regulates craft breweries and wineries to allow tasting rooms with appetizers that the public can enjoy while walking or standing.

Geneva City Council has drafted a law, to be voted on this month, that will expand the definition of agricultural trade, craft breweries and wineries to allow large events, private parties, amplified outdoor music and festivals on their sites. A craft brasserie in Geneva has become a restaurant, offering reservations for three-course meals.

Breweries and wineries on Snell Road, Armstrong Road and adjacent to White Springs Road would automatically gain the right to hold large parties with outdoor music and other events under Section 165-3 of the zoning code of the city of Geneva. Similar businesses in the city of Geneva, with special permission, could become event centers.

A brewery on Snell Road could allow private parties of 200 people. The owners of High Acres have proposed an events center that can accommodate 400 people and is accessible from Snell and Turk roads.

Geneva city council members would not allow a gas station to open on White Springs Lane. They wouldn’t allow a fast food chain to operate on Hastings Road, or a small dump on Snell Road. Why would they allow large event centers for hundreds of people to host parties every weekend and during the week in residential neighborhoods?

The noise and excessive traffic from large events would not stop at the city limits, but would also affect the inhabitants of the city of Geneva.

By broadening the definition of agricultural trade, the City of Geneva fails to recognize the purpose of zoning that separates commercial uses from residential uses.

The City of Geneva will hold a public hearing on Resolution n°35-2022, modifying the definition of agricultural trade, at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Hôtel de Ville, chemin de Préemption. The public is invited to attend and comment.


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