Friday, September 23 2022

The final Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Drop has been revealed. The newest set of artwork is called Pride Across the Universe and features artwork by LGBTQIA2S+ Wizards of the Coast employees. All eight cards can be pre-ordered starting May 4, and half of the proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, a global suicide prevention group for LGBTQ+ children and young adults.

There’s more to the Secret Lair delivery than the eight cards – each purchase also includes four different MTG: Arena sleeves of the same artwork.

Maps (featuring new artwork)

Wizards of the Coast had a bit to explain about each artwork featured in the Pride Across the Multiverse set, which had new artwork for a variety of cards in nearly every color in the game. Cards can be purchased non-sheet for $39.99 and in traditional foil for $49.99. Additionally, the box for Secret Lair items will be a rainbow foil box.

Alesha, who smiles at death

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death Art by Winona Nelson
Alesha, Who Smiles at Death Art by Winona Nelson

“Winona Nelson portrays Alesha, who smiles death in her older years, guiding the next generation.”

Bearscape and group trip

“Ricardo Bessa imagines Kaladesh’s Pride Parade on Collective Voyage and Bearscape’s idyllic hideaway.”

heartbeat of spring

“Peo Michie shows us a quiet, romantic moment as Saheeli and Huatli take their ‘dogs’ for a walk in Heartbeat of Spring.”

Confluence of Mana

Mana Confluence Art by Jabari Weathers
Mana Confluence Art by Jabari Weathers

“Jabari Weathers exemplifies Mana Confluence, celebrating our combined diversity and experience as we create a new and brighter future together.”

Savor the moment

“Kieran Yanner invites us all to celebrate Ral and Tomik’s wedding in Savor the Moment.”

Sol Ring

“The Sol Ring by Lauren YS brings together a diverse collection of objects symbolizing many facets of the community.”

triumphant judgment

“Merlin GG’s Triumphant Reckoning pays homage to the hard-won victories of the community and the battles that are yet to come.

MTG Arena Sleeve Codes

Unlocked covers are fully illustrated versions of Triumphant Reckoning; Alesha, who smiles at death; Confluence of Mana; and collective travel.

You can get codes for Secret Lair pouches from our partners (and more, such as boosters) at MTGA Codes.

MTG Arena Zone is supported by its audience. When you purchase codes through the link here, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Pride across the multiverse is region locked

The nature of the cards and what they represent has limited this Secret Lair filing region, as countries around the world have different laws and regulations regarding LGBTQ+ relationships and marketing. Asked about it on Twitter, WoTC led fans to a 2020 post on why some Magic content isn’t available globally:

“We will tell the stories we want to tell, featuring the characters and relationships that best serve the story and our audience… We will not alter those stories to fit local markets. One of the challenges of being a global community is that some regions ban topics that we think are useful to our storytelling. Unfortunately, this means that some of our content will not be available in these markets.

This specific Secret Lair Drop, from what we can tell, is banned in places like Brazil, Taiwan, Uruguay, and some Eastern European countries.


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