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The packaging industry is asking for alternative packaging solutions that focus on plastic reduction and contain the highest possible percentage of recycled materials. The all new Carry-Charta is the ultimate solution.

A quick introduction, what exactly do you do at NNZ and JASA?
Alies: “I’m Innovation Manager at NNZ Group. I work with our country managers, material and machinery producers to develop sustainable packaging for our fresh produce and industrial packaging customers.”

Allies Padding

Ivo: “I am responsible for exports at JASA. This means that I sell packaging machines to our distributors all over the world. I am busy managing emails and phone calls with customers on working days. At Beyond that, I am the point of contact for film suppliers and paper suppliers. They come to ask me questions about the possibilities offered by our machines. I am also the contact person for technical solutions. All this out of the ordinary passes by my office for me to bring my expertise”.

Ivo Luijckx

How did NNZ and JASA meet?
Alies: “We have known each other for a long time and work together intensively. Together we developed the very successful Carry-Fresh packaging in the 90s. NNZ is a supplier of packaging materials and JASA is the producer of the packaging machines. packaging on which these packaging materials are processed. Collaboration is a must and typical of our approach to the market!”

Ivo: “In the 1990s we had our first big collaboration. NNZ developed the Carry-Fresh packaging and JASA developed the QuickPack packaging machine to handle the Carry-Fresh. Thanks to this we won the Dutch Packaging Award in 1999. Since then we have been working together regularly on different projects and for different customers, sharing information and being in contact with each other on a weekly basis.”

Alies: “Around the world, we also work well together. NNZ has branches in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Scandinavia, and there is a distributor in almost all other countries, and JASA sells machines in these same countries. also regularly work together across borders.”

What does your collaboration consist of?
Alies: “JASA is about the machines, NNZ is about the material. Together we create new sustainable packaging solutions that bring real added value to our end customers.”

Ivo: “In addition, we regularly refer customers to each other. We often recommend NNZ packaging materials to our customers, and many NNZ sellers recommend JASA packaging machines. And if we both work for the same client, we take care of the project. together. So you could say we have an intimate collaboration.

You have developed new packaging; what exactly is the Carry-Charta?
Alies: “It’s the plastic-free successor to the Carry-Fresh. The Carry-Charta is compostable and is made of coated paper and recycled cotton mesh.”

Ivo: “NNZ developed the material, and we developed the machine on which this packaging can be processed: the QuickPack. For this new packaging, we adapted, optimized and redesigned the existing QuickPack. The machine was equipped with plastic doors and now has steel doors. In addition, the machine has received several technical updates, making it perfectly suited for processing Carry-Charta and making the bags even tighter.”

Alies: “This packaging offers the advantage that the packaging machines currently available to customers can be converted to use this material. There are already around three hundred QuickPacks in Europe. Carry-Fresh is still being processed on these machines. These customers can switch to the sustainable Carry-Charta without investing in a new machine.”

What motivated this new packaging?
Alies: “From the packaging industry comes the demand for alternative packaging solutions that focus on plastic reduction and contain as high a percentage of recycled materials as possible. The all new Carry-Charta is the answer.

Ivo: “It’s an exceptionally sustainable packaging. The material is made from renewable resources; in other words, everything grows in the field. The whole packaging is compostable, which minimizes the environmental impact of its waste.”

What makes this packaging unique?
Alies: “This alternative to mesh film is unique. There are more alternatives, such as paper packaging with a window. The disadvantage is that the product is not clearly visible, while consumers want to see the product. The Carry-Charta, on the contrary, gives you a lot of visibility on the product.”

Did you encounter any difficulties during development?
Alies: “It was quite a search for the right combination of compostable materials. After solving this problem, different mesh structures were tested. The mesh structure had to be stable and flexible enough to go over the shoulder of the machine This is why Ivo and I have spent many hours testing the machine over the past two years!”

Ivo: “Finding the right net stiffness for us was the biggest challenge. We made adjustments in the software of the machine so that the transport of the net ran smoothly. We also developed a special shoulder with our supplier of molded shoulders to guide the net as well as possible.”

Who is interested in this packaging?
Ivo: “All Carry-Fresh packers and retailers who focus on sustainability. In addition, the packaging is suitable for dry goods, so that growers of, for example, flower bulbs, potatoes , Brussels sprouts, avocados, onions and garlic will be interested in this packaging.”

What is the added value of your collaboration?
Alies: “There are a lot of advantages to this, both for us and for the customer. It gives the customer a lot of confidence if his machine manufacturer and the packaging material supplier really agree and together advise the best solution for their requirements.”

Ivo: “It’s ideal to work together and discuss problems and possible solutions together. It happens regularly with NNZ that I visit a customer who is having problems, which I then discuss with my colleague from NNZ. It’s a valuable, enjoyable and efficient way to work.”

What markets do you serve?
Alies: “NNZ is active in the fresh produce and industrial packaging markets. We supply a wide range of packaging materials, including bags (jute, paper, film, PP woven), roll film ( plastic, paper and combinations with net), trays (cardboard, plastic, wood, pulp) and big bags. Our approach to the market is characterized by close cooperation and customer-specific services and solutions.”

Ivo: “The collaboration between JASA and NNZ mainly focuses on the fresh produce market. And like NNZ, JASA is also active outside these markets. We offer complete packaging lines for fresh processed and ready-to-eat products in addition to other possible paper packaging solutions.”

How will you proceed in the coming period?
Alies: “JASA and NNZ aspire to sustainability together. That’s why we developed this solution. We will continue to follow this path.”

Ivo: “We have a good relationship. NNZ salespeople and specialists contact us regularly, and our salespeople are in close contact with NNZ representatives in their respective regions. Our collaboration is very fruitful and will continue to flourish. I look forward to the next development.”

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