Thursday, December 1 2022


A Arena of Worth lookalike called Clash of the Titans opened for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The description of the game describes it as “the first mobile MOBA game ever made in India”. contrary to Arena of Worth, where the characters are called heroes, they are called Titans in this game. The map in one of the images on the Google Play Store is the same as Battlefield 4.0 in Arena of Worth.

The game icon also has a Arena of Worth character, Thane. Other heroes of the game can also be spotted in Clash of the Titans like Arthur, Paine and Tel’Annan. The game will feature two-finger controls and come out with plenty of titans, skins, and events for players.

Arena of Worth was banned in India in late 2020 due to data privacy concerns. Clash of the Titans appears to be Tencent coming back to the market through another company.

This is similar to what happened with the release of PUBG Mobile in India. After the gambling ban in September 2020, the owner of the PUBG IP, Krafton has announced that it is taking over all publishing rights in the country. Krafton set up a division in India and re-released the game as Mobile India battlefields (BGMI).

Arena of Worth was developed by TiMi Studio from Tencent Games and is published by Level Infinite. Level Infinite is a new game publishing division under Tencent.

Clash of the Titans was published by Actoz SG, a subsidiary of South Korean company Actoz Soft. The majority stake in Actoz Soft has been held by the Chinese company Shengqu Games since 2004, according to the latter’s official website.

On November 29, Shengqu Games signed an agreement with Tencent that would allow the company to publish, promote and operate Tencent’s games on its platform. It seems that the first of them is Clash of the Titans under Actoz SG. It remains to be seen how much Clash of the Titans Looks like Arena of Worth. Dot Esports reached out to Actoz SG, Actoz Soft and Tencent for clarification.

Tencent became a shareholder of Shengqu Games in 2018, according to the latter’s official website. Shengqu Games was previously known as Shanda Games before its rebranding in 2019 under new management.

The return of Arena of Worth below Clash of the Titans would also allow India to compete in the 2022 Asian Games. Next year’s Asiads will feature esport as a medal-winning event, one of the titles being Arena of Worth.

Clash of the Titans the announcement also comes at a very good time. There are currently no major MOBA games available in the Indian market. Both Arena of Worth and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang were banned last year, and League of Legends: Savage Rift has not yet been released. The recently released Pokémon United turned out to be popular in the country, however.

While the output of Clash of the Titans means good news to the elders Arena of Worth players across the country, they are unlikely to recover their old accounts. In an announcement dated September 24, 2020, by Arena of Worth Southeast Asia on Facebook, the game said it will delete all data from the game in 30 days.



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