Thursday, November 24 2022

Canada Day will be at its height in the town of Dryden.

Tickets are on sale for the grand arena concert featuring Snake Oil, a professional tribute band to the high-energy rock icon.

Bill Nelson is on the Dryden Rock Revival Committee and was a guest on the CKDR Morning Show on Tuesday.

Nelson says they hope to bring people from all over northwestern Ontario for an evening to remember.

“You’d swear it’s the real bands you see on stage. Its Ozzie Osborne, absolutely amazing. Paul Stanley. Same, you’d swear it’s Paul standing up there you rockin’ with. Joan Jett, Lita Ford, the list goes on and on.

Nelson says it’s great to have in-person events again.

“These two years have been very difficult for everyone. Mental health has been very difficult. Everyone has been locked up for two years. We need to have this sort of social event where everyone comes together. We are very social creatures.

$25 early bird tickets are available through the end of the day Thursday.

They will be $40 after July 23.

You can buy them now at The Center Online

The Dryden Trailblazer Tourism Association led this concert and made the July Day celebrations possible.

For more from Bill Nelson and the Snake Oil concert at the Dryden Memorial Arena, visit the audio link below:


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