Thursday, December 1 2022

Tabletop game fans have either played or heard of it Catania. It is one of the most recognized colony building board games of all time. It has received several expansions, editions, spinoffs, and video game adaptations. There is even an official line of beer. Now, it looks like this iconic board game will be coming to the Board Game Arena virtual tabletop platform.

The news of from Catania The arrival on Board Game Arena came from a post on their official website. The message itself was brief, simply stating that the game would be available as premium content “later this year”. Their social media posts simply show a gif promoting the game’s arrival on the platform.

Generally, from Catania the arrival at Board Game Arena was to be expected. The game’s current license owners, Asmodee Publishing, purchased Board Game Arena in February 2021. Additionally, Asmodee’s recent acquisition of the platform coincided with Board Game Arena’s recent price increases for their premium subscriptions. By Board Game Arena’s own admission, this increase was due to the shear volume of licensed material provided by the subscription and the increase to ensure that the royalty fee would be covered.

In this context, add Catania Board Game Arena makes sense from a business perspective. Although the platform is still widely used thanks to its free content, for around $5 per month you can play major officially licensed board games on the platform. Since some board game prices can range from $40 to over $100, for some players a flat-rate subscription would be more economical. Not to mention, it can lower the entry bar for those who are interested in the game but don’t want to blindly buy a physical copy of the game with no idea what they’re getting into, or potentially be discouraged. by the multiples of the game. iterations and versions.


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