Thursday, December 1 2022

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked Multi-System Operators (MSOs), or cable television operators, to install monitoring devices on headends and register by 25 November, failing which they risk being prosecuted or having their registration cancelled.

In an order issued on Tuesday, the ministry said, “The ministry has been made aware that some MSOs are yet to register and provide the information…therefore, all MSOs are requested to provide the required information no later than on 25.11. .2022…”

He said: “If unsuccessful, it can be interpreted that MSO has violated the terms and conditions of registration granted to them. In addition, this may lead to the opening of a procedure… for suspension/revocation of the MSO registration.

In accordance with a notice issued in May this year, the government had asked cable operators to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995, to allow monitoring of the power output cable operators via a device, to be installed on the cable operators headend. Consequently, the operators were asked to cooperate with the BECIL team for the installation of the monitoring devices.

They were also asked to provide information regarding headend locations, conditional access system details, transport stream/frequency details, RF power details, service details platform, CTAV signal distribution areas, STB seeding details, etc., for monitoring systems.

They were also warned that “any non-cooperation will be considered a breach” of Section 10A(4) of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 and may invite action.

According to details provided by the Ministry of I&B on October 31, there were 1,753 registered MSOs across the country.


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