Thursday, December 1 2022

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The Cobargo Rodeo was held in the main arena over the weekend, with packed crowds determined to catch a glimpse of all the action. There were a range of different categories during the show, starting with the under 18 ride, women’s heifer ride, drop dogging, tail branding, open steer and bull ride. Bull riders had traveled all over, with riders from Cooma, Moruya, Bemboka, Wyndham, Bermagui, Bega and Cobargo. Warren Salway hosted the event, which was sponsored by local businesses Cobargo Hotel and Bermagui Bait & Tackle, as well as the Carlton Brewery. The winner of the bull run was Luke Evans of Cobargo who received $1700 in cash and the Oscar Salway Memorial Buckle, donated by the Salway family. READ ALSO: Miriam Sellwood of Cobargo won the women’s heifer tour and received a $100 prize. The event was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Robert Salway, Patrick Salway and Ross Rixon who lost their lives in the Black Summer bushfires. It was a touching moment for all in attendance as Warren paid tribute to his family members. He acknowledged the enormous amount of work put into the arena, especially by Patrick who did a lot of welding on the steel fence and put in a lot of effort to get the rodeo started. “Patrick was at the last rodeo in 2019 and he was thrown over the chutes and broke his arm,” Warren said. Warren said a plaque will be erected at the last gate Patrick used in memory of him and his enormous contribution to the organization of the rodeo. Other committee members who died in the past two years were also recognized, including Kevin Allen, Jim Salway, Wilma Boreham, Richard Cooke, Barry Hargraves and Jean White.




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