Thursday, November 24 2022

Testing at the Sault Ste. Marie has grown by more than 200% this month compared to last month, which has allowed the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) to muster more resources and have its staff work extended hours in order to to meet the high demand.

SAH spokesperson Brandy Sharp Young told SooToday by email on Friday that the COVID-19 assessment center had tested more than 6,600 people, including more than 2,100 children, since early November.

The COVID-19 assessment center now uses three labs – the Public Health Ontario lab, the Health Sciences North lab, and the Sault Area Hospital lab – to manage the increased volume of testing.

Sharp Young said the COVID-19 assessment center and SAH lab staff were working extended hours to support increased testing.

The hospital also increased its lab’s daily COVID-19 testing capacity by 25% with the purchase of an additional analyzer and secured additional resources with the help of Ontario Health North to temporarily expand the capacity of the assessment center.

“The Sault Area Hospital thanks our community for their continued patience as our COVID-19 Assessment Center team manages the high demand for COVID-19 testing for our community,” Sharp Young told SooToday by e -mail.

The SAH has performed more than 58,500 tests since the hospital’s COVID-19 assessment center opened in March 2020.


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