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Ferguson Township is set to have its first all-female supervisory board following the 2021 municipal election.

With all ridings at least partially reported late on Tuesday night, Democrats Tierra Williams and incumbent Lisa Strickland have held the head of two general supervisor positions over Republicans Patti Higgins and Jeremie Thompson.

Democrat Hilary Caldwell held a 360-vote lead over Republican Robert Whitaker for the Ward 2 interim supervisor position for two years.

Williams, who will be the township’s first black supervisor, said the win in a statement Wednesday and congratulated Strickland and Caldwell on their victory.

“After a long and difficult race, the people of Ferguson voted for gradual change,” said Williams. “…. I also want to thank Patti Higgins for a good race and Jeremie Thompson for his honesty and integrity throughout this campaign despite the consequences. “

Higgins acknowledged the results of the hotly contested race in a Facebook post.

“Even though the end result is not what we were hoping for, we had a huge impact,” Higgins wrote. “The Township of Ferguson cannot ignore the fact that its residents are not happy. Please don’t stop fighting to be heard!

Caldwell, Strickland and Williams would join sitting supervisors Laura Dininni and Patricia Stephens on the five-member council.

Williams also congratulated “those who made history” for the Central region following the election. State College, she noted, elected its first black board member to Divine Lipscomb, first Indo-American board member to Gopal Balachandran and first Jewish mayor to Ezra Nanes, while Carline Crevecoeur was elected first black member. of the State College Area School Board.

The race was particularly controversial which saw the Center County Republican Party pour money into campaign ads that denounced the township’s recently implemented stormwater charges (which Strickland voted against and Williams and Caldwell said he should be reviewed) and criticized Williams for his past comments about the police. and race. Democratic candidates repulsed on these advertisements as “intentionally misleading and full of spurious dog whistles”.

In the final weeks of the campaign, the County GOP withdrew its endorsement of Thompson after saying he “criticized their use of inflammatory language against another candidate” and unknowingly endorsed Strickland. Democrats also filed a complaint with the Center County District Attorney’s Office over signs and flyers for Republican candidates that did not include required information about who paid them.

Elsewhere in the Central region, two incumbents were behind in their candidacies for re-election in the townships of College and Halfmoon.

Republican incumbent Anthony Fragola was third in the race for two college council seats, 374 votes out of second place. Democrat Danelle Del Corso had 119 votes behind Republican challenger Ronald Servello for supervisor of Halfmoon Township.

Incumbents Franklin Harden and Dennis Hameister are the apparent winners for two Harris Township supervisor positions, while three Democrats – Sultan Magruder and incumbents Pamela Robb and Betsy Whitman – have run for the Patton Township supervisor seats without challenge.

At the county level, the elections were not contested. Democrat Bernie Cantorna ran unopposed for a second term as district attorney; Democrat Shelley Thompson and Republican Hope Miller will return as jury commissioners; and Gregory Koehle will succeed Thomas Jordan, who is retiring, as magistrate district judge for District 49-3-04.

Center County received 10,881 mail-in ballots as of 8 p.m. Tuesday. About 8,700 were included in the unofficial vote totals released by the election office on Tuesday night. The remaining ballots were counted on Wednesday.

Township of Ferguson

General supervisor (2 seats)

Lisa Strickland (D) 2,918

Tierra D. Williams (D) 2,409

Patti Higgins (D) 2 111

Jérémie Thompson (right) 1,564

Scriptures 57

Ward 2 Supervisor – Two-year interim (1 seat)

Hilary Caldwell (D) 1183https: //

Robert A. Whitaker (D) 823

Scriptures 3

Canton of College

Council (2 seats)

L. Éric Bernier (D) 1,723

Dustin Best (D) 1,574

Anthony Fragola (D) 1,200

Canton of Half-moon

Supervisor (1 seat)

Ronald B. Servello (D) 514

Danelle Del Corso (D) 395

Township of Harris

Supervisor (2 seats)

Dennis Hameister (D) 1,189

Franklin Harden (R) 1,032

Writings 481 (Tracey Moriarty led a writing campaign. Names and individual totals for written votes are not yet available)

Township of Patton

Supervisor – Six years (1 seat)

Sultan Magruder (D) 2 164

Scriptures 26

Supervisor – Four-year interim (1 seat)

Pamela Robb (D) 2 197

Scriptures 24

Supervisor – Two-year interim (1 seat)

Betsy Whitman (D) 2 186

Scriptures 20



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