Thursday, December 1 2022

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The first such room in Nevada, the Dollar Loan Center arena in Henderson unveiled its sensory room to the public this weekend in an effort to provide a welcoming space for people with autism or other needs sensory.

The establishment has partnered with KultureCity, a non-profit organization focused on sensory accessibility to bring it to life.

“Once we established a location that we had the size and dimensions of, we sent all of that information to our speech therapy occupational therapist team along with the positions and they pointed out the different elements that go into the room,” said explained KultureCity Executive Director Uma Srivastava. “We all have 8 senses, not 6, so our sensory rooms really cater to 6 of those 8 senses. The two we don’t address are smell and taste, that’s just because they’re so subjective, you talk about allergies and you can’t get rid of the smell quickly.

Dollar Loan Center Arena Sensory Room

From tactile walls to fidget toys, the center hopes this new room will give families more opportunities to enjoy events at the center while meeting the sensory needs of both adults and children.

“The Dollar Loan Center is really focused on 3 important things, the first is obviously sports with our sports team that we have here at the facility, the second is Henderson and the third is families, so we want this facility to be welcoming and inclusive to families,” said Darren Davis, vice president of operations. “I think this room will be a great addition and a great way to accommodate families.”

Joseph Ralston, director of client services at Dollar Loan Center, brought this concept to Henderson after working with KultureCity in California. He hopes other businesses will follow suit by including sensory rooms.

“It’s really cool to have a dedicated room for all types of people with sensory issues and it can be a big help for Southern Nevada and I hope it starts a trend for everyone. Nevada where we can get these halls in every sports venue and hopefully we’re that catalyst that kicks it off and takes it to every state,” Ralston said.

Employees ask guests to limit their time to 10-15 minutes in the sensory, so everyone has the opportunity to use it if needed.

Disinfectant wipes are also included in the room.


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