Thursday, December 1 2022

Players looking to compete at the highest levels of Magic: The Gathering organized play can qualify to compete in the MTG Arena May Qualifying Weekend Tournament.

the MTG Arena The Qualifier Weekend tournament is scheduled for May 28-29, with gameplay in Streets of New Capenna (CNS) ghost sealed and draft. It is also the last tournament of this type using the previous qualifiers set up by Wizards of the Coast, before the new Magic organized digital game system. In addition to players who have already earned an invitation to MTG Arena Qualifying weekend, players will have two shots in May to earn an invite through the first Play-In events of 2022.

How to win an invite for May MTG Arena Qualifier

Under the old rules of organized digital play, players earned invitations to the May Qualifying Weekend tournament by finishing with at least six match wins during the second day of April. Arena Open, finished with six wins on Day 1 of April Qualifying Weekend or competed on Day 2 of April Qualifying Weekend. From the June qualifying weekend, the last two methods will no longer apply.

To earn an invitation to a qualifying weekend, two Play-In events are taking place in May via MTG Arena. May 21 and 27 are the New Capenna Sealed Play-In ghost events. May 21 features best-of-ones matches, and the May 27 event is best-of-three. Play-In events cost 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems to participate.

Starting with the MTG Arena May ranked season, players ranked between 251 and 1,200 earn 20 Play-In points. And those who finish in the top 250 of a season earn a direct invitation to the next qualifying weekend. The May qualifier weekend will include all players who finished in the top 1,200 from the April ranked season.

What is the format?

The May Qualifying Weekend tournament will take place over two days and feature two limited formats. Day one is a traditional best-of-three sealed shadow match with an entry window of 8 a.m. CT to 10 a.m. CT. Players with seven wins and two losses advance to day two, which previously had up to three losses.

The second day of the MTG Arena The Qualifier Weekend tournament has an entry window that ends at 10 a.m. CT. Players will face off in best-of-three matches via the traditional shadow draft with a total of seven wins and two losses possible. Those who achieve seven victories earn an invitation to the Arena Championship. Individual prices per day can be found on the WotC May MTG Arena Qualifying page.


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