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There are various battle challenges in Horizon Forbidden West’s The Maw of the Arena, and completing them earns players medals to spend.

The Arena is an activity parallel to Forbidden Horizon West where players can complete combat challenges to earn medals. Arena Medals can be spent on a variety of valuable items, including some of the most powerful legendary weapons in Forbidden Horizon West. There are five difficulty levels for the challenges in the arena, and completing the tougher challenges will earn players more medals. Completing challenges quickly will also increase the number of medals players will earn.

Before the combat challenges can be completed, players will need to enter the arena. “The Kulrut” main story mission in Forbidden Horizon West must be completed before the option to open the arena becomes available. After completing the mission, players can talk to Kalla in The Maw of the Arena, which can be found near Memorial Grove. The “Opening of the arenaThe side quest requires Aloy to deliver two Bristleback Tusks and a Rollerback Sinew to Kalla. Once the Machine Parts are delivered, players can begin completing challenges to earn Arena Medals.


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The arena offers Amateur, Intermediate, Skilled, Expert, and Legendary challenges to complete. There are a total of 20 arena challenges, and each involves killing some of the Forbidden Horizon Westmachines within a specified time. Each difficulty will need to be completed to unlock the next level of challenges, so to unlock the Legendary Trials players will need to complete all of the other available challenges.

Earning and Spending Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West How to Get Arena Medals Dukkah Medal Exchange

Each arena challenge will have a metal shard entry fee which varies from 100 to 250 depending on the challenge. Players need to adopt a decent strategy to get the most out of spending their metal shards in Forbidden Horizon West. Before starting a challenge, players can see what machines they will be up against. Once the challenge begins, Aloy will only be able to use what she currently has equipped, so adjusting the loadout of gear for each challenge will help earn Arena Medals efficiently.

For the final challenge of each difficulty section, Aloy’s gear will be locked, meaning players will be given the same set of armor and weapons to use each time. Although the arena has a set of difficulties, the overall difficulty of the game will also factor into the difficulty of the challenges. If players are having trouble completing Arena Challenges, they can adjust their difficulty settings to more easily earn Arena Medals.

After earning enough Arena Medals, players can talk to Dukkah at The Maw of the Arena to exchange them for legendary outfits and weapons in Forbidden Horizon West. There are three outfits that each cost 54 Arena Medals. The three legendary weapons are more expensive and each will cost 80 Arena Medals. In addition to the Arena Medals that can be spent, players will earn a trophy while completing challenges in the Arena by Forbidden Horizon West.

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Forbidden Horizon West is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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