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The sequel to 2016’s Let It Die, Deathverse brings the arena-style shooter to a reality TV-style setting, and this could be the perfect home for it.

Arena shooters have become extremely popular in recent years, mainly due to the popularity of Fortnite. For the most part, they all follow a similar trend. Players are dropped off in a large arena and compete against each other until one person comes out on top. There have been a few variations, but the recent Playstation Showcase showed off a new title that could bring something new to the genre.

Deathverse: Let him die is the sequel to 2016 Let him die and takes place hundreds of years after the original game. The story centers on an extremely popular game show called Death Jamboree that pits fighters against each other. The short trailer showed many colorful characters using various weapons against each other. However, the most interesting aspect was the framework that was presented.

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Placing an arena-style shooter on a TV show makes perfect sense from a story standpoint. It gives the characters a reason to be in the combat arena and a reason to fight. It also allows the characters to be more colorful visually, as if they are trying to get more attention from the audience. The setting of the TV show also means that there is a clear goal to be achieved in the universe and in the game. It creates a connection between the two and helps increase immersion for players. This immersion gives players a reason to return to the game over time.

The setting also means that the game can introduce many different modes to the game while keeping them connected to the main universe. Not only can developers add new modes, it also allows them to add aspects in matches that would otherwise appear to be completely out of the blue. It also gives them more freedom to play around with the setting and design of the levels while staying true to the main concept. It also allows the game to have more characters and more storyline than is often the case and means there is more for players to explore and interact with. However, the characters also add something that can help this genre.

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Players compete on a train in Deathverse: Let It Die

One issue that can often plague modern arena shooters is keeping the gameplay interesting out of conflict. This genre works by forcing players to engage in lots of small conflicts to keep things interesting throughout each game. However, relying on this aspect can mean that the game slowly becomes monotonous if the battles play out the same way every time. Towards death aims to avoid this by mixing frantic gameplay with commentary from in-game characters. This idea means a more comedic edge that could help keep even repetitive gameplay fresh for players.

Towards death seems like an interesting new addition to the arena shooter genre that aims to add Suda 51’s iconic style to a popular genre. Hopefully the game will be able to deliver its first trailer and present players with something fresh and interesting. Players will have the chance to participate in the Death Jamboree in Spring 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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