Friday, September 23 2022

MUSKEGON, MI – A large multi-residential building is now part of a condominium development on Muskegon Lake in Muskegon that was originally intended to be all single-family homes.

Construction of Hartshorn Village, located at 1000 W. Western Avenue adjacent to the city’s Hartshorn Marina, began with the completion of two single-family homes.

Originally designed to have 55 single-family homes, the new plans call for 38 homes and the building 17 multi-story units.

Muskegon City Commissioners on Tuesday, April 12, approved the new design.

“The reason is that they want to save a wetland there,” Mike Franzak, the city’s director of planning, told commissioners. “There is a wetland on the site. In order to preserve this, they modified the plan to have a denser building and to keep this wet area.

Harbor West, a partnership between DeHaan Homes and Smith Equities, is the developer of Hartshorn Village. The plans were originally approved just over three years ago.

As a result of the design change, there will be more open green space in the development, a feature Muskegon resident Jamie Cross told commissioners “is a real plus”.

Cross expressed concern about maintaining public access to Lake Muskegon, which city officials assured her would be.

The paved Lakeshore Trail is near the property, and a town-owned peninsula and boat launch are also adjacent.

The trail will be relocated so that it is no longer subject to frequent water flooding in the area near the back of Fricano’s event center and restaurant.

The high lake level had forced the closure of Hartshorn Marina in 2020. It reopens this summer.

The multi-storey residential building will be to the west of the existing Fricano building and close to the Adelaide Point development which has just started. Revised plans also call for a new entrance road to be moved west and shared with Adelaide Point.

The change in plans impacts the second and third phases of development for Hartshorn Village, which is currently the first phase, Muskegon Mayor Ken Johnson said.

“This demonstrates to me the developer’s long-term dedication to this project,” Johnson said.

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