Thursday, November 24 2022

Intuit Dome, the Los Angeles Clippers’ new home arena in Inglewood, is expected to open in just over two years, owner Steve Ballmer said Thursday.

“It’s just amazing the progress we’ve made in a year,” Ballmer said.

He celebrated a milestone in the construction of the new arena, the completion of the steel and concrete framework that will become the 18,000-seat arena.

Khalid Shabazz

The nearly $2 billion Intuit Dome will be ready by the 2024-25 season, with a scoreboard four times the size of most NBA scoreboards, Ballmer promised.

The center court is under construction.

Khalid Shabazz

Ballmer said the only thing standing in the way was his own impatience.

“The problem is my energy,” Ballmer said. “I want the thing here now, but it’s still two years.”

While unforeseen delays may occur — similar to those that affected nearby SoFi Stadium — Ballmer and Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts are confident construction will proceed as planned.

Butts also raised concerns that the city would become unaffordable for many people by assuring residents that a third of new jobs would go to them.

“They also committed to the biggest community benefits agreement in sports history,” Butts said. “It’s $100 million, of which $75 million will be loans to build affordable housing, that we need.”

Khalid Shabazz

Khalid Shabazz


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