Thursday, December 1 2022

POTSDAM — The Village has received a new $160,000 Zamboni ice resurfacing machine for Pine Street Arena, but it may not be in use until next year.

Recreation director Trey T. Smutz said the village was supposed to get him last year, but he didn’t arrive until earlier this week. The delay is “not really Zamboni’s fault,” Smutz said, citing “global shipping and distribution issues” related to the pandemic.

He said it might not be in use until next year due to timing and mechanical differences between old and new machines.

“It kind of becomes a question of whether we’re going to use it…when we get to this weekend we’ll have a month of ice left.”

Smutz added that arena workers need to be specially trained because the two resurfacers are different under the hood. The old Zamboni is electric with a charger, and the new one is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and “there are a lot of different components (on the old machine) that would need constant maintenance. “

“The new is being put in place so…there should be fewer things that we have to tackle that would be major issues for us,” he said.

Regardless of what happens next year, he said the Zamboni will be operational for the 2022-23 ice season.

Mr. Smutz is also considering selling advertising space on the new Zamboni.

“If somebody was looking maybe to put some advertising…maybe they would sponsor for a month or something,” he said.

Mr Smutz said the village ordered the new Zamboni to have more orange than blue. He said many teams in the area had blue as their school color, so they opted for more orange to represent the Potsdam Central Sandstoners.

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