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  • A new dedicated public transport lane has been installed in front of Little Caesars Arena.

A section of Woodward Avenue in front of Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena has been transformed into a dedicated transit lane in order to get things done on game and concert days.

Dan Lijana, spokesperson for M-1 Rail, the operating entity of the QLine tram, said the dedicated lane is reserved for QLine and DDOT and SMART buses and is expected to be completed on Monday. He says M-Rail has been working with the Michigan Department of Transportation, the city of Detroit and the operators of Little Caesars Arena Olympia Entertainment since December.

Lijana says they hope to turn other stretches of Woodward into dedicated tracks.

“A dedicated lane has been a priority for our passengers and for M-1 Rail since launch,” Lijana said in an email. “We are delighted to have the critical area around LCA as the first section of the implementation. ”

The dedicated lane runs from Temple Street to the I-75 service road.

“With events happening almost every night of the year, this section of the lane reserved for QLine and other public transport will make driving the tram faster, more convenient and more enjoyable for our passengers,” he said. he declares.

The QLine has been subject to delays since it opened to the public in 2017 due to traffic, accidents, and illegally parked cars. (In 2019, then-candidate Joe Biden blocked the QLine to meet with Mayor Mike Duggan at a Coney Island restaurant.) While a dedicated QLine center lane would have improved efficiency – and safety – Developers like Dan Gilbert pushed for a streetcar that goes to the curb because it was seen as more business-friendly, according to a report.

The QLine was closed to passengers during the pandemic, but is expected to reopen to the public later this month.

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