Thursday, December 1 2022

The Rockville Center City Council met Wednesday to address concerns about a planned storage facility to be built in the village.

The facility will span from Seaman Avenue to Maple Avenue in a part of Rockville Center called Little Town. It’s expected to be 30 feet tall, which the folks at News 12 said is a violation of city code for that area. They say the zone only allows buildings 18 feet tall.

Residents say they are concerned that the plan only accounts for three parking spaces. They say a total of 91 parking spaces are needed. They fear the project will add more congestion to an already overcrowded residential area.

“People are very concerned that if this happens it will set a dangerous precedent for other code-protected businesses in Little Town to follow suit and change the entire fabric of our favorite scenic part of our neighborhood,” says resident Sarah McAteer. “It’s also a very residential area, so congestion is already a problem, and the fear is that it will get bigger and bigger.”

The board is expected to make a decision tonight on whether to allow the storage facility project to proceed.


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