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By Mélanie LeCroy / [email protected]

After three months of rehearsals and four performances, the production of “The Addams Family” by the Expect Excellence Community Theater has come to a successful conclusion.

This production had an additional element of dinner and entertainment. Members of the audience sat at tables and dined as the large cast sang, danced and entertained all in attendance.

The large production run by Jacob F. Morris had a cast filled with talent from across the region, including Mobile, Fairhope, and Orange Beach. Dylan Farnell, a student at the University of Mobile played Lurch and was the makeup artist for the show.

“The Addams Family” had a plot that any married couple or teenage parent could relate to. Wednesday, played by Dru Bramblett, has fallen in love and wants her boyfriend Lucas, played by Greg Naman and his Ohio parents Mal and Alice to meet his parents over dinner. Hilarity ensues as Gomez, played by Justin Gipson, tries to please both his daughter Wednesday and his sweetheart Morticia, played by Polly Pittman. The story incorporated all of the key elements of love: happiness, drama, and heartache.

The entire cast sang and danced with all their hearts through two acts. Everything about the production was first class, from the decorated entrance to the Orange Beach Event Center and sets to costumes and dinner. Lighting and sound added the finishing touch.

The sets built by the Orange Beach City Logistics Department were exceptional and included a torture device used Wednesday on Pugsley played by Faith Craig and a single chair that Gomez made his Mal guest, played by Kathan Brannon, sit on. The chair appeared to be an electric chair with a tip that went through the seat by pulling a lever.

Eventually, love prevailed and the young couple got married. At the end of the story, the hilarious Uncle Fester flew off to join his love, the moon. Jeremiah Knight, aka the Orange Beach dancing brigadier, kept everyone on their toes throughout the show.

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