Thursday, November 24 2022

Incident involving ‘unsupervised cattle’ uncovered at Atkins Rodeo Arena Thursday morning August 26 created unnecessary aggravation for an Atkins man as allegations of neglect and animal cruelty surfaced on the media social.

In response to the allegations, the post and the allegations shared on Facebook, the resident addressed the accusers after dealing with the incident. Despite his efforts to help a friend in an unfortunate situation, the resident found himself explaining the situation, defending himself and speaking to law enforcement about the incident.

According to a press release from the Atkins Police Department, at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 26, 2021, the Atkins Police Department was contacted and informed that there were several cows in the riding club area. of Atkins who weren’t being watched.

Upon the arrival of the officers, several cows with long horns were located at large in the area and other cows were located in a pen. Two cows were found dead in a cattle trailer with another that appeared to be in poor health next to them. After making the discovery, officers contacted a representative of the equestrian club, who said he was not aware of the presence of cattle on the property. The representative came to the arena immediately to help with the situation. To read the Atkins Police Department press release, click on the following link.

On Thursday, the post alleging “wrongdoing” was repeatedly shared by countless people on Facebook.

After speaking to Atkins police officers in the arena and explaining his story, the resident took to social media himself via live video to stand up for himself and his family and make sure everyone world shares the message and talks about the situation that there had been no wrong doing. In no time, the live video posted and shared on Facebook went viral.

To provide readers with an update on this story and to give readers the full story, the video is below. The video is from the original live Facebook video that was posted and shared on Thursday afternoon, August 26, but has been edited due to its length and some languages. To hear the full story, click on the video below.


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