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Pakistan’s National High Performance Center Cricket Board in Lahore could see a complete overhaul of its management as PCB chairman Ramiz Raja is unhappy with its results. NHPC not running at full capacity after ousting head coach Grant Bradburn, bowling coach Mohammad Zahid and wicket keeper coach Atiq, says board source uz Zaman.

Atiq has gone on leave to the UK as he is based there as Mohammad Zahid. While Atiq has been back for a while to do business with the board, Zahid resigned, ” the source said.

He said Bradburn was ordered to step down last month and left for New Zealand.

“Ramiz is also not happy with the performance of HPC manager, former Test spinner Nadeem Khan and he could be replaced soon,” the source said.

Ramiz hinted in a recent interview that he would bring in his own team to run CHP and domestic cricket.

Ramiz last week, during a media interaction, made it clear that he was not at all happy with the standard of national cricket, including the pitches and training after 34 centuries of being scored in of the first four rounds of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

The PCB chief said he would take steps to improve the quality of land in the country and as a first step he brought former chief curator Agha Zahid back to the board although he retired two years ago.

“Ramiz is likely to announce a new setup to manage national cricket and the high performance center in the coming days,” the source revealed.

Nadeem, who is the older brother of former Pakistani captain Moin Khan, was appointed center manager during the tenure of former president Ehsan Mani and former CEO Wasim Khan to revamp national cricket and improve the structure of coaches in the country. .

But Ramiz has made it clear that he is not happy with the level and productivity of the provincial team’s coaches, some of whom have also been embroiled in controversies this season, including arguments with senior players.

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