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Welcome everyone Monday night raw! Here to record your raw results and show you the way to the highest good is your Monday evening Mikessiah, mike hogan. For the next three hours, we’ll have live results coverage with updates as frequently as this shocked writer can get, so, roughly, every ten minutes! Tonight is my beginning here on eWrestling so if you’re new to me, yay-welcome! You’ll hate me soon enough. And if you are one of our Rajahmanics, Well, then you know what awaits you!

Our official preview takes a light touch on tonight’s schedule, which comes to us live from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. We have a first singles match between future Hall of Famers AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley as the duo face off on the Almighty United States Championship. Also on tap is a continuation of the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament with a first round match between Alexa Bliss and Asuka and this writer’s spoiler selection team, Nikki ASH & Doudrop. We will also hear Screen regarding his future after Rollins booed him something fierce a few times recently.


Alexa Bliss & Asuka; Nikki ASH & Doudrop

Expect more build towards WWE Castle Clash, the ramifications of surprise return last week of Dexter Lumismore round trips in the telenovela it is the tragedy of the Mysterios and the Day of Judgment and more tonight on Raw!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Score (August 15, 2022): Capital One Arena – Washington, DC

Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and the affable Byron Saxton welcome us to Monday Night Raw! We waste no time and hear the familiar Judgment Day tunes and the trio walk out, decked out in black suits and makeup with purple accents!

In the Ring Promo: Judgment Day; Rey Mysterio Attacks

Finn Bálor leads Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest into the ring as comments send us videos recapping the vicious beating Dominik Mysterio suffered at the hands of Ripley last week, followed by Bálor destroying Rey Mysterio later in the game. Rhea kicks us on the mic, mocks Dom and says she’s really hiGrandpa. Bálor takes the microphone to insult the Mysterios, then asks Damian Priest what he’s going to do at Edge next week. Priest gets the crowd working, hyping them up and asking them if they want to see the Rated-R Superstar Edge. The crowd gets angry until he reminds them that, like the Mysterios, Edge isn’t here tonight either. He’ll be there next week – in Toronto – and playing his first “home” game in a decade. Priest then addresses Edge’s words last week, saying that Priest needed Judgment Day to back him up. Priest objects to this and states that next weekend is one on one, man on man, no doomsday. “Edge, Toronto will no longer be known as your hometown. It will be where Damian Priest sent you back to retirement. Loud digital boos from the digital crowd; especially ‘what’ treatment from the Priest then states that Edge’s retirement won’t be “doing whack movies” and TV shows this time around, but instead it will be Beth Phoenix feeding him through a feeding tube and will push him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
Rey Mysterio attacks on Judgment Day from behind out of nowhere! Rey sends Bálor and Priest outside and confronts Ripley, who tries to distract him. Rey grabs Bálor, who has a Steel Chair, and knocks him down with Priest with the Steel Equalizer! Rey threatens to hit Finn again and Rhea gets between Finn and Rey. This time the distraction works and the Judgment Day numbers games give them the edge over Rey. Rhea Ripley hits a DDT on the steel step, dropping Rey on top of her head as the crowd chants loudly for Edge. Sorry, folks, it’s not Goldberg. Bálor has Priest and Ripley hold Rey down and position a steel chair on her chest. Bálor hits the Coup de Grace on Rey, breaking the chair! Crowd boos loudly, refs check Rey and Graves speculates the Mysterios are really are finished while we are going to take a break!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Match 1: Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Nikki ASH & Doudrop

Our first round action continues tonight as we enter our first match! The established duo of Doudrop & Nikki ASH are the first and by far the favorite by commentary team, compared to the newly formed duo of Bliss & Asuka. The latter gets a good pop and we get ready for our bell – when Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair come out to watch this game! Both teams cut to the chase, with Nikki and Doudrop working quickly to isolate Alexa Bliss as we head into our second break of the night. Throughout the pause, the heels maintain control. We return with Nikki working Bliss’ neck, only to lose control. Asuka comes out of the hot tag and takes down both Doudrop on the apron and Nikki all over the ring. Asuka with a hip attack in the corner; a combination of punches from Asuka, followed by a key strike, nearly sees Asuka pick up the win. Doudrop tries to distract Asuka from ringside and does just that, allowing Nikki ASH to almost take the win after a quick slam. Doudrop and Nikki attempt to double Asuka but Empress of Tomorrow briefly battles them until ASH hits her Cross-Body finisher. Bliss with a mule dropkick to make the save! We see Tamina and Dana Brooke watching from behind as all four women are wiped out after Doudrop uses his own bandolier to wipe out Bliss! Doudrop marks himself and tries to put Asuka away but fails. Asuka rallies and uses a hip attack to knock Nikki off the apron, but runs into a Michinoku pilot from Doudrop! Dou gets a two but no joy! Bliss is finally on the apron after being down for several moments. Doudrop drags Asuka into the corner and sets up a Banzai Drop or Vader Bomb but Asuka moves! Asuka uses the ropes to drag herself to a vertical base and shoots straight into the side of Doudrop’s head! Asuka tags into Doudrop, this running dropkick and sets up a Bliss DDT. Bliss tags Asuka who lands another kick and hits an armbar! Bliss stops Nikki from making the save and Doudrop taps out! They will face Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai finally. After the game, Bayley, Kai and Sky are featured – with Sky in a rare casual outfit that looks great – behind retired winners and Bianca Belair. The six women exchange words before their six-man match at Clash at the Castle.
Your winners and PROGRESSION in the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Alexa Bliss & Asuka!

Behind the Scenes: “Mr. Money in the Bank Theory and Dolph Ziggler

Theory does a backstage promo of his failed attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler arrives and the two exchange heated words, with Theory finally calling out Ziggler and “old, failed”. Ziggler snapped and attacked Theory, sending us on a break! When we return, we find that the two Superstars have been brawling all the way through the break and all the way back, setting up a match later tonight.

Tag team match: Mustafa Ali and Cédric Alexander against the Miz and Ciampa

We start with the Miz & Ciampa taking a commanding lead over the newly formed duo of Ali & Alexander – and new tag teams, we’re told, seem to be the theme of tonight’s episode by Jimmy Smith. The Miz and Ciampa completely dominate as we enter our first break, with Ciampa and the Miz borrowing from Blackheart’s NXT playbook, slapping each other on the back as the Miz enthusiastically claps Ciampa’s back as well. Don’t forget that before the game, the Miz gave away a framed Instagram/social media image of the two from last week, in a bling-out frame, as a gift. Coming back from the break, Ciampa is still in control of Cédric Alexander, who sports a slightly retouched look in addition to facing. Ciampa stops an attempt by Cedric Benjamin to rally, but Benjamin hot tags Ali. Ali takes him to Ciampa and the Miz, fighting off the now-legal Miz and dropping him with a reverse roll daredevil for two close. Ali is sent into the ropes by the Miz, which leads to Cedric being tagged. The Miz dodges a back suplex and looks for a Skull-Crushing finale but Benjamin counters with a scoop slam. Benjamin would have had the wing if Ciampa hadn’t put the Miz’s foot on the bottom rope, forcing the referee to stop his count. Alia annihilates Ciampa with a suicide dive that sends Ciampa through the commentary desk and crashes into Corey Graves! The Miz falls victim to a roll-up attempt and a dropkick combo from Cedric Benjamin and a rallying Mustafa Ali! The pace picks up and some confusion ensues as Ali fails to notice the Miz tag at Ciampa, setting up Ciampa intercepting Ali’s splash attack mid-450 with a big sliding knee . Ali never rallies and Ciampa takes the win for his team with the finisher Fairy Tale Ending.

Your Winners, the Miz & Ciampa!

In-Ring Promo: Drew McIntyre

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