Thursday, November 24 2022

Enviro-Log Company, LLC, a leading environmentally responsible consumer products and recycling company, announced that it will open a new recycling and manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona this summer, creating more than 50 jobs. . Located at 7676 N. Glen Harbor Boulevard, the 76,156 square foot facility will be dedicated to recycling waxed cardboard boxes (WOCC) and manufacturing its environmentally friendly Enviro-Log products. The company plans to work directly with product leaders, food retailers and recyclers to recycle large volumes of WOCCs from Arizona, California and throughout the western United States.

“In our research, Arizona stood out for a variety of reasons, including its very business-friendly climate, strong pool of skilled labor, and proximity to major transportation routes,” said Ross McRoy. , president and founder of Enviro-Log. “Glendale in particular is conveniently located between major highways and its location allows us to better serve our retail and recycling partners on the West Coast and in the Midwest. We look forward to helping Arizona achieve its sustainability goals.

“We are thrilled to welcome Enviro-Log to our growing city,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “We have a duty to take care of the environment. As a consumer products and recycling company, they bring sustainability efforts to Glendale. We are proud to welcome a national brand and look forward to it joining our community.

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Based in Fitzgerald, Georgia, Enviro-Log is WOCC’s largest recycler in North America and the third largest producer of manufactured logs in the United States. For the past 18 years, the company has worked with retailers to reduce their environmental impact and start them on a path to zero waste by recycling their WOCC, which is typically used to transport fruits and vegetables to grocery stores and grocery stores. restaurants.

“With modern freight infrastructure connecting to major consumer centers and a pro-enterprise environment that welcomes innovators from around the world, Greater Phoenix is ​​uniquely positioned to attract organizations like Enviro-Log that are poised to grow. with success,” said Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. “We are excited to be a partner in Enviro-Log’s continued success and growth as it establishes new recycling and sustainability options for the region.”

Enviro-Log uses recycled WOCC to manufacture its eco-friendly logs that burn cleaner than wood (emitting 50% less greenhouse gases, 30% less particulate emissions and 80% less carbon dioxide) while providing 50% more heat per pound. This recycling process saves tens of thousands of trees from being used as firewood and millions of pounds of WOCC from going to landfill each year. To date, Enviro-Log has worked with over 100 partners across North America and diverted nearly half a billion pounds of WOCC from landfills.

“Enviro-Log’s new recycling and manufacturing facility further demonstrates Arizona’s appeal as a manufacturing powerhouse,” said Sandra Watson, president and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority. “The facility’s recycling operations will improve Arizona’s sustainability footprint while strengthening Glendale’s vibrant manufacturing base. We look forward to supporting Enviro-Log’s success at the new Glendale facility.

As part of its partnership with retailers, Enviro-Log’s 100% recycled logs are returned to retailers and put on shelves for sale. This process is referred to in the recycling industry as a “closed loop”. Enviro-Log’s closed-loop experience allows for a quick and easy program start-up allowing its retail partners to see immediate financial benefits.

Enviro-Log also manufactures Enviro-Log fire starters which are made from environmentally friendly recycled wax which provides an alternative to kindling, petroleum based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol based gels . Enviro-Flame Premium firewood is 100% natural and renewable firewood. Enviro-Log products are available at select major retailers in the United States and Canada, including Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire and many more.


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