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After winter at home, more Canadian snowbirds plan to return to Florida

Instead of spending the past winter sunbathing at Siesta Beach or sipping a drink at a downtown rooftop bar, many Canadian snowbirds have stayed home, waiting for the pandemic. But after a year of hibernation, more and more snowbirds are planning to return to Florida in 2021 – it’s just a matter of finding the best way to get there. As snowbird season approaches, the Canada-US border remains closed to non-essential travel. But the Canadians are coming anyway. Many say they will fly away if they can’t cross the border with their cars, and many plan to have their cars shipped from Canada for the season. [Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

Experts say climate change can make hurricanes more intense, not cause them

The number of hurricanes that hit the United States each year has not increased in a century, but researchers said it is likely that global warming will cause future hurricanes to intensify. “The way we think about the impact of climate change on extremes, including hurricanes” is that climate change due to human activity “can alter their characteristics,” said Suzana Camargo, research professor at the ‘Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Regulators will decide whether residential FPL customers need to pay more so businesses can save

Should Florida Power & Light residential customers pay more over the next four years for commercial and industrial customers to pay less? This is one of the crucial questions posed to the State Civil Service Commission on Monday as regulators conduct what is expected to be a two-day hearing on a proposed settlement that would increase FPL tariffs by 1.53 billion. dollars until 2025. [Source: Miami Herald]

SpaceX aims to send up to 6 civilian flights per year after Inspiration4 success

With the successful launch of the first fully civilian flight aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon, the company plans to step up similar flights in the near future. Benji Reed, SpaceX’s senior director for its manned space flight program, has planned up to half a dozen flights per year. “There is nothing that really limits our launch ability,” he said. “It’s about having rockets and dragons ready to go and having everything in the manifesto aligned with our other launches.” [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Will the American Dream Miami mega-mall ever become a reality?

Doing only a fraction of the business its developer had planned, a newly opened mega-mall in New Jersey bleeds red ink, raising questions about the viability of a shopping complex and mall. even bigger attractions planned by the same company in South Florida. Almost two years after it opened, the hitherto disappointing financial performance of American Dream mega-mall and entertainment complex in the Meadowlands, just outside New York City, has forced its developer, Triple Five Group, to seek out a debt restructuring plan that would allow it to retain ownership of the project. Meanwhile, funding for the $ 4 billion American Dream Miami project, south of the Broward County line where the Florida Turnpike crosses Interstate 95, has yet to be secured. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]


›In St. Pete Pier, local businesses are thriving despite the pandemic
The pier opened amid the pandemic last summer with uncertainty as to how COVID-19 could hold back its success. But the vendors at the pier said the atmosphere had taken their business to new heights. Almost all of the original 17 retailers renewed their leases after a year at the Pier, according to Colliers, a real estate company advising the city on the project. Two new suppliers have also been added to the range.

›Key West Airport broke a new passenger record. But he brought trouble
Key West International Airport has just set an annual record, handling more than one million passengers. That’s 1 million people – so far – with airport officials predicting the number will reach 1.4 million by the end of the year. While there is evidence that tourism in the Florida Keys is booming and removing some of the traffic on US 1, the only busy highway that goes up and down the chain of islands, this has also caused problems. .

›Orlando officials” strongly encouraged “on FIFA visit to review region’s World Cup bid
The delegation reviewing Orlando’s bid to host World Cup games in 2026 saw the venues and facilities in the area made available for the world tournament and said the quick visit had “been very, very good “, after concluding a lunch with more than 100 elected officials. and business leaders. About two dozen delegates from FIFA, US Soccer and CONCACAF had planned in the afternoon a list of visits to various venues set up as match-day and training facilities for the teams of the United Nations. World Cup, as well as other sites for meetings and fan events if Orlando is selected.

›Fort Lauderdale Boat Show returns to expanded convention center as tourism begins to rebound
An ambitious renovation of the Broward County Convention Center, which has been in the works for years, will be unveiled at one of the area’s most lucrative tourism events: the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The public will get a first glimpse of the centre‘s expanded exhibition hall at a time when tourism struggles to bounce back from the pandemic. As conventions begin to return and new hotels open, there is finally reason to be optimistic.

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