Friday, October 8 2021

John Cooper QC says security services have already admitted what some might consider “serious, serious breaches of duty”

John Cooper QC, representing a group of bereaved families, told the president the families have confidence in him and the legal team in the investigation.

“Everyone should understand that I have to act according to the law,” said Sir John.

The QC said all families feared wanting to encourage “open disclosure where possible.”

“It is already clear (…) that the performance of the security services was, according to some, poor and that we are on their bids to be criticized or challenged to perform our privacy duties is somewhat ironic “said Mr. Cooper.

He said he was surprised that the security services who had already recognized some failures “criticize us”.

The QC said it had already admitted what some might see as “serious grave breaches of their duty in both tracking and apprehending Salman Abedi and others.”

So far, the confessions of the security services have been “mind-boggling”.

He stressed that MI5 would have its legal representative present during the closed-door hearing.

“Why are they there to ask questions? Surely the investigation lawyer can do it for them,” he said.

He said “astoundingly” that MI5 revealed that he first met Salman Abedi in December 2010. No details were provided on the “trace request” that had been requested at that time. the.

The QC said there had been “no disclosure” of security services to families for more than a year.

He called MI5 a “damaged party,” which he said meant there should be “additional special representation” for families in closed-door hearings.

In July 2014, Salman Abedi was clearly known to the security services, but what was known to the security services at the time was “still opaque”.

He said it was “blatant” that Abdalraouf Abdalah was a contact with Salman Abedi, but that families feared the security services had not recognized him.

“It is clear from the material (…) that there were important contacts between Salman Abedi and Abdalah,” said the QC.

He pointed out that there were 14 witnesses called during the closed-door session and that families are denied access to details about them.

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